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Brief Background:   Interestingly enough, I didn't work with my intuitive spiritual gifts officially until later in life. Like many, I knew that this work might not be accepted by the people in my family or by my colleagues in my current full-time career. Despite all this, I enthusiastically dove into my studies, working with experienced teachers, and meditating as a part of my regular practice...and eventually, I began to put myself out there more and more, sharing my work with others. This work is very humbling and never ceases to provide new insights!  It is my pleasure to provide evidential mediumship readings, guidance, and energy healing to clients. My clients have told me that our sessions provide them with an uplifting, healing experience, where they feel reconnected with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side, along with feeling more at ease and empowered to move forward.

Coming Soon -- Quantum Human Design™ Readings. More information will be posted shortly!

Education: In addition to holding a BA and MAT, Jessamyn has over 20 years experience in the fields of teaching and educational leadership. She is currently the Academic Dean at a successful independent, private school in New Jersey. Her spiritual work has afforded her the opportunity to become a certified medium who is honored to share insights from the other side in a very nurturing and encouraging way. As a result of having this background, she is no stranger to hard work and dedication to her commitments, and she feels honored to have worked with amazing instructors as a part of her journey. Jessamyn is also a practicing pranic healer who received her training from the Center for Pranic Healing in Lyndhurst, NJ.
Standards: Simply put, this is the work that feeds my soul. The quality of the experience received by my clients matters deeply to me, and if after 10 minutes into the session the client feels as though the session isn't going as expected, then the session will be ended free of charge. I take pride in maintaining honest and direct communication with clients, as my reputation is banked upon my sincere business practices.
I look forward to working with you to encourage greater connection, balance, and healing in your life!

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