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Psychic and Mediumship Readings.


Several options are listed below with explanations for your consideration. Please scroll down.

Mediumship Reading.


I offer an evidentiary reading where communication with friends or loved ones who are in Spirit is provided.  I will specify key pieces of information pertaining to proof of their identity, personal characteristics and a message.  Clients have described this to be a very healing experience. As a reminder, it is important that you be open to connecting with an unexpected loved one or two who may choose to come through, as this happens often.  



Tarot Card Psychic Reading.


This is a motivating card reading, advising you on matters concerning particular areas of your life, such as career, relationships, health, and more.  I am a certified Angel Card Reader and I also enjoy working with Carol Bridges' Medicine Woman  tarot.   My preference in using these deck speaks to my style as a reader and it is why my sessions have been described as uplifting, healing, encouraging and filled with positivity.   


Other Psychic Reading Options.


These can be fun as an add-on service to either a tarot or a mediumship reading!  Check for availability when you book your next service(s).  Each of the styles below represents a method by which I can provide you with a psychic reading.  Insight on your life will be provided by way of these formats:


Sand Reading

Ribbon Reading

Live Flower Reading

Color Reading

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