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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side?  Could your physical body (including your emotions) benefit from some balancing and healing?  Whether you seek insight on decision-making, communication with those who are in Spirit or if you seek to feel better physically, Jessamyn is a motivating psychic medium and healer who utilizes a variety of techniques to meet your needs, while providing you with the care and confidentiality you deserve.





Navigating life's challenges is never easy, and sometimes having a fresh perspective on what direction to take can be beneficial.  Jessamyn's readings of varied styles offer unique layers of insight based on years of experience in dealing with the spiritual realm and with energy. 


"It is my sincere wish that

any advice, messages or

healing you receive builds

your confidence and

awareness to move forward

guided by your own inner



address concerns and


Interested in trying a healing? Though the body is generally capable of healing itself, it undergoes a barrage of influences from our environment to the others with whom we come in contact, and this can sometimes prevent the body from properly restoring itself to a more balanced state.  This affects our energy, which in turn, can affect our emotional and physical state of health. Click on the "Healing Sessions" tab to read about the results you may get with a Pranic Healing® session.  Important: my work is meant to compliment rather than replace recommendations already established for you by your medical doctor(s). 



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Your Greatest Self.


Some of us may need guidance on determining how to journey closer to our best potential. This has a lot to do with decision-making and how we handle current life challenges. I have always been a firm believer that your body is instructed by the image you hold in your mind. I am ready to advise you on a plan of action, which will in turn stimulate your own intuition, allowing you to take a empowered and balanced lead role in your life. 

I am so pleased with my reading and it far exceeded my expectations!  The insight you extended to me has propelled me into making some major changes with my relationships and now I am experiencing so much more positivity.  I can't thank you enough!


                           -Corey L.


Jessamyn has a calm sense of knowing that she communicated during session that set me at ease.  I was highly encouraged by what I learned in my reading regarding a project I hadn't discussed with anyone at the time. This reading was highly motivating and it left me with a sense of excitement. I am now fully immersed in manifesting my dreams!


                          -Kristin A.



Wow, Jessa!  Thank you SO much for sharing a great amount of both insightful and helpful information. I have gained clarity on the best way to addresss important issues with a loved one that have been going on for far too long.  Thanks again.


                           -Jennifer G.


Located in central New Jersey, Jessamyn is serving clients both in-person and distantly across the nation through Skype and Facetime.

In-person bookings will take place at the SUPREME SOUL HEALING AND LEARNING CENTER:

16 Broad Street, Suite 105

Keyport, NJ  


Schedule your session today by booking online.


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